Dear Friends:

I hope all of you were able to enjoy a very Merry Christmas. I was able to go home to Minnesota to visit family and enjoy a white Christmas. Below is a short video we filmed in my Father-in-laws backyard. Inspired by the snowfall, I wrote the song, “There’s Snow for Christmas”!

I’ve been asked by so many to describe the George Jones Tribute show on November 26th. It’s not really possible to sum it up in just a few paragraphs. It was a beautiful event. The camaraderie among everyone involved was unlike any event I’ve ever been a part of. It’s only after time has passed that it’s really sunk in for me. During the show I found myself focusing on the job at hand and not allowing myself to get emotionally involved – well I made that decision after the third song. Though we had rehearsed it earlier, when Garth and Trisha came out to sing “Take Me” as Bobby counted it off and the band began to play, emotion started to take over. You see, I sang that duet with George every night and right then in that moment his absence hit me in a way I hadn’t felt yet.

Luckily I was able to quickly gain my composure. There were many special moments for me personally. To be able to sing harmony with Larry Gatlin was a highlight. It was the music of Larry and his brothers that made me want to sing harmony and write songs long before moving to Nashville.

Singing with Lorrie Morgan was touching. It was tough for me to get through rehearsal as she sang, “Picture of Me Without You”. Of course this song was a hit for George, I believe one of his favorites, at least it seemed that way when he sang it. Lorrie also had a hit with it, so the song has been a part of my life for almost 20 years on stage every night, first with Lorrie and later George.

The lyric, though always special, has taken on an even deeper meaning for me since April. In a way, as we did that song, it sort of felt like a full circle moment and I marveled at the path God has put me on – a little girl from St. Stephen, MN who loved country when it really wasn’t cool would end up singing with the finest the genre had to offer and so many of the amazing artists he also influenced. I’m humbled.

As George Strait took the stage and the crowd went wild, it occurred to me that very few artists in today’s impatient marketplace could ever have a career - be around long enough - to make the impact that a legend is made of.

Perhaps he is one of the last that will do that. Ironic that he too is a George! The night in many ways seemed to pay tribute to an American music icon but also an era of music gone by.

The night ended with Alan Jackson singing “He Stopped Loving Her Today”. George would have been proud. Alan does an amazing job on the song.

When it was over the room was silent for what seemed like the longest time. The lights came up and the Jones Boys and I all hugged with no regard to those filing out of the building. What a journey we’ve shared.

I’ve added some of my favorite pictures from the event to the end of my scrapbook photo gallery. Click Here for my gallery, then select the Scrapbook!

The show marked a closing of a chapter for me, but just a chapter – the story continues.

Recently I was invited to sing a duet with Clinton Gregory for his upcoming duet album on Melody Roundup Music. You may remember Clinton for his hits in the early 90’s which included “If It Weren’t For Country Music I’d Go Crazy”.

The song he chose for us to sing just so happens to be a song I co-wrote with Gerald Smith called “Lucky in Love”. I’m so proud to be a part of this project. Clinton is also a great fiddle player and plays the fiddle on our song as well.

Other artists on the CD singing with Clinton include Country Music Hall of Fame member, Bobby Bare, Collin Raye, Becky Hobbs and many more. I’ll let you know when the project is available.


Though, it’s good to look back, I’ve always been one who preferred looking forward. I’m anxious to see all that 2014 holds and pray that all the best may come your way! As always, I really appreciate your support.

God Bless,

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